Jeremy has spent time getting to know our company, our culture, and our team prior to the team building so he was able to use what he has observed effectively during the session. His approach was also very good – assertive without being “pushy” when he wanted us to listen to some of the key points.
VP, Human Resources, Global Insurance Company

A massive thank you to you for coaching me…it worked. I think I learned quite a bit over the last week and it’s great to be able to tap into your experience to help me on the way.
Executive, Major Internet Company

Facilitator is good at establishing rapport with the audience hence made us feel comfortable to participate and question, which enabled us to get more out of the workshop. Facilitator was also good at spotting our weaknesses and provided solutions for us to effectively improve. The facilitator made the workshop enjoyable which is rare!
Participants of Presentation Skills Workshop and Coaching

The conversations we had were very challenging (progress & change starts with challenge). We have made great progress and this is also mentioned in my annual appraisal which I’m happy to share with you…
Country head, Pharmaceutical Company

I find my coach Jeremy to be very helpful and most important, relevant. I was able to relate to his experiences and he was able to help be to develop life-long skillsets that can get me into the space that I want.
Executive, Banking Industry

It was excellent. Oliver is a really good coach. I like his style very much and he is an excellent demonstrator of what he talks about. And I learned a lot that I am sure will help me in future presentations.
Director & Change Facilitator

My involvement with Oliver has been absolutely pivotal in a hugely transitional period in my career. Without his help I certainly feel I would not be nearly as equipped and as successful as I have been so far. I am happy to recommend him as a coach.
Head of Asia Pacific, Global Institutional Trading Network

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