Join our evening talk with Alan to experience our next Ontological Coaching and Leadership Showcase.
During the evening, we will explore what is special about this approach to coaching and leadership. Past participants in the Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action (OCLiA) will share their experience and learning from attending the programme. Previously some of the key observations from attendees have explored:

  • How the ontological approach helps participants gain a deeper awareness of how they show up in their respective domains of language, mood and physiology. This creates new insights about the impact of their behaviour on themselves and others
  • What the programme provides in terms of practical tools and the insight into how to use them, their interconnectivity and in what different situations they can be used
  • How learning to be observant in the moment in ways that were not available before to them previously, allows different choices to be made and new outcomes to be achieved


Also attending will be Jeremy and Oliver who will lead the 3-day OCLiA programme in Hong Kong . They will be sharing their experiences of the ontological approach to coaching and leadership, along with the value and depth of learning gained through attending this world-class programme. To help build on the highlighted value of the learning network, we will be announcing launching date of the ontological coaching evening learning opportunities for past participants in the programmes.

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